ConsultorioMOVIL is an EMR & Patient Engagement digital solution
for ambulatory specialty Doctors and chronic Patients, designed to solve the key medical practice needs and improve chronic Patients’  outcomes

Product electronic health

Electronic health records (EHR)

Product online appointments

Online Appointments

Product reminders

Patients’ Education & Reminders

Product RWE

RWE clinical data collecting for their Publishing & Clinical Studies activities

Patients’ Portal

Patients' mobile app & portal

Product telemedicine

Telemedicine & Online Fees Collecting to offer innovative services for Patients

ConsultorioMOVIL empowers doctors and helps them taking
their ambulatory medical practice to the next level.

Icon cloud and mobile
Cloud based and mobile
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Custom solution for derma, rheuma, cardio, neuro, diabetes, among other specialties
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Hosted in HIPAA
compliant servers


The digital era is transforming medical practice at an incredible speed.
Doctors need new tools to capitalize the digital health revolution.
We work daily to empower Doctors thru 3 key initiatives:
Doctors promoting consultorio movil

Promoting adoption of ConsultorioMOVIL freemium platform to achieve their key medical practice needs

Doctors medical education

Medical Education: Digital Tools & Innovation Program

• Mhealth & EHR tools
• Online & profitable interaction with Patients
• Marketing & Online media
Doctors support

Supporting and Training Doctors & their staff

• Set-up
• Training
We partner with Doctors to understand and address their specialties’ needs.

Real Word Evidence (RWE) oriented solution that helps Doctors grow in a “publish or perish” medical world helping in their Clinical Studies & publication activities.


We are committed to increase Patients’ education & adherence thru mhealth solutions.

Latin American Doctors use smartphones to work

Manhattan Research

Patients want to interact with care providers thru mobile phones

FICO Research

Latin American Doctors use 3 mobile screens

Manhattan Research

Mobile Health Apps available today


Medical evidence from recent studies has shown that educated, digitized and engaged Patients get better outcomes of their chronic desease treatments. (*).

The Digital Patient is a reality that provides a tremendous opportunity for Pharma and Health Payers to achieve higher levels of adherence and decreasing costs.

We are committed to work with Pharma and Health Payers to promote and sponsor technologies and educational programs that generate better Doctors & Patients’ engagement and improved outcomes for the health system.

Pharma Programs

To achieve Patients’

adherence empowering Doctors with:

• Online Patients’ Programs

• A Patient Journey approach

• RWE opportunities

Payers Programs

To achieve innovative e-care offers,
better outcomes at lower costs

• Empower your Doctors with mHealth & cloud-based tools

• Innovate with your Customers


Our story

Aimed to generate improved outcomes and a better way of living for health professionals and patients, the company committed to the mission of developing free technologies and digital education to empower Doctors and Patients.
Our first technologies were “pill reminder” mobile apps, and on 2015 we launched ConsultorioMOVIL, our core freemium Doctors & Patients’ engagement cloud based solution.

Clients, Partners, Investors
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And +5,000 specialty physicians & +1,000,000 patients
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Work with us

Since we are transforming the health landscape with daily innovations, we promote an entrepreneurship spirit & training in every position of the Company.

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For Doctors, Patients & Our Clients
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In our natural & informal working environment
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Take our Entrepreneurship Program


The platform added several interactive features and calculators for the HAQ, DAS28 and other rheuma/derma clinical studies results’ forms and scores Platform developments and improvements never stop at …

Brando 2016

Digital health coverage is starting to penetrate in major media LA NACION newspaper: Los emprendedores y la tecnología digital van a la conquista del consultorio http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1894106-los-emprendedores-y-la-tecnologia-digital-van-a-la-conquista-del-consultorio METRO TV: …

Transplante 2016

The company achieved it’s Digital Innovation & Support Program for the 3rd year ConsultorioMOVIL’s 2016 Digital Innovation Program offered innovation seminars and Support services in national medical congresses, …


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